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Partner "Optima Soft" the company "Doctor Web", has released a non-signature anti-virus.Web Katana Business Edition 1.0

The company "Doctor Web", partner "Optima Soft" security, has released of Dr. Web Katana Business Edition version 1.0, is designed for centralized control of protection of workstations against the latest threats, not yet known to the remedies of the other developers installed on the network.

System protection Dr.Web Katana is based on the proactive technologies without the use of virus databases with a decision about the necessity of neutralization of a particular malware are only accepted on the basis of intellectual analysis of the behavior of running applications on the computer. In its work the product in addition to the predefined rules may use cloud technologies to detect threats.

A new software product Dr. Web KATANA Business Edition has the possibility of a centralized installation on protected stations, thereby allowing the administrator to implement the security setting from your workplace. The statistics of the operation of the product is also centralized.

Dr. Web KATANA Business Edition allows the corporate user to successfully confront the modern Trojan ransomware and malware trying to get into your system through vulnerabilities (including zero day), will become a reliable barrier on the way of targeted attacks and intrusion attempts in the network of the company.

"We are pleased that our strategic partner, the company "Doctor Web", once again demonstrated their reliability and high technological level of developments. We cooperate with "Doctor Web" in the field of security systems for corporate clients. And, I hope, our cooperation will be strong and long", - commented General Director of "Optima Soft" Boris Sadikov.

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